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What is wrong with this picture?

Please be aware, if there aren’t any of OUR Tesla’s Technologies Phone Tags attached on both the phone AND the wireless head set, this young boy is experiencing high radiation to his young head and body with the phone unavoidably so close to his face.

This image below is showing the amount of radiation the head of an adult before, and the penetration after mobile/cell phone use, and the different amounts when looking at a 5 year old child, a 12 year old and then again an adult. Note how far the radiation is penetrating the 5 year old.

As mentioned in a number of areas of this website, mobile/cell phones are like putting a microwave oven to the head and we certainly wouldn’t put our head into a microwave oven.

It’s hard to find people these days who don’t have mobile phones and unfortunately that includes young children and often babies to occupy them.

This is creating large amounts of ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) Radiation, seen on the Electromagnetic Spectrum in the Radio Frequencies (RF) range.

Radio Frequencies are electric current that moves back and forth at very high speeds. This creates radiation as the signal is sent out between our devices. The waves heat our bodies and also cause biological changes to our cells.

This is how the mobile/cell phone works, transmitting and receiving frequencies within a wide range, which at present is between 3.5 to 90 GHz and soon with 5G increasing up to 300 GHz into the Microwave and Infrared range. Therefor it is not advised to be putting the phone to your head without ethical devices to assist safety but you won’t hear this from the telephone companies.

I must add here that the cordless home/work phone is also operating constantly on frequencies up to 5 GHz and increasing to up to 90 GHz and also need one Phone Tag.

The most dangerous time when using a mobile/cell phone is when the calls connect. A phone is pulsing at 900 times per minute looking for a signal whilst on standby!!!  One of the number of reasons why we shouldn’t sleep with the phone within arms length of our head. So many teen-agers and lesser ages need to be aware or instructed by parents.

When a call is made it goes to maximum power looking for the signal from the tower/base station.

Another example of what using a mobile/cell phone is creating in our body if not using any safe harmonizing plates that work, is the following:

Dark Field Microscopy – Live Red Blood Cell Analysis using a Mobile/Cell Phone

In the first half of the picture below, all these red blood cells are exposed to EMF radiation (a mobile/cell phone for 30 minutes) and the clumping, is called a “Rouleaux”, the radiation causes loss of oxygenation, regeneration and circulation.

The second half is after 15 minutes on a mobile phone call with the Tesla’s Phone tags attached, showing normal cells exposed to extremely low levels of EMFs. They are round, healthy-looking, and can circulate freely to perform their key function.

We did this test ourselves in Devon, England a few years back, and there has been higher frequencies added to our phone networks since then, but many similar tests have been done through the years since, with very similar results.

We are cooking our brain and body if we do nothing. With the help of ethical harmonising plates, like OUR Tesla’s Technologies products, we live safely with dangerous EMF Radiation.

Be aware and take steps to create harmony for you and your family.

There is such a lot of information you can research on mobile/cell phones and it’s important to find out if the information is recent, because there has been a huge amount of change over the years since 1996.

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