Wifi routers

Please be aware that the radiation coming from the WiFi router may be more dangerous to our health than the mobile/cell phone, depending on how close you are to it. Why? Radiation dissipates with distance therefore a WiFi router sitting close to you is more detrimental to your health.

A wireless Router is a constant source of radiation 24 hours each day, 7 days each week in full operation of currently up to 5 GHz and if you already have a 5G router, could be up to 90 GHz. This means that you have this high frequency radiation throughout your home or workplace from your router to all the network of SMART appliances you have in your home or workplace.

We are being forced to buy SMART appliances more and more and we’re just not realizing the health danger we are subjected to, or more importantly, that we are being connected to, and in future, controlled by being ‘observed’ in everything we do. The Internet can be switched off at anytime and all our SMART appliances depending on Bluetooth for example will be shut down.

Take a look at the FitBit and Apple watch for instance; they radiate three different EMF Radiations:

  • Electric Fields
  • Magnetic Fields and
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation

The most dangerous of these is the Bluetooth RF Radiation, of 2.45 GHz which is within the Microwave Radiation range and within the same radiation range as your microwave oven.

As mentioned with the WiFi router, RF Radiation dissipates with distance but this watch sits on your skin 24/7, in other words really close on the body, and the more exposure, the more dangerous.

The Internet in schools obviously has to operate with WiFi routers and due to the health issues, many countries have/are taking them out of their schools.

I found this video, which is scary information about RF and Microwave radiation genetically damaging cells, you might find it useful and also be aware that OUR Tesla’s Technologies products may put you mind at ease.

This man is a British Physicist who specialized in RF and Microwave Radiation his whole life. He describes just how dangerous it is to us and especially our children.   Initially he talks of his experience and credentials and at 6.21 minute mark he speaks of WiFi in schools.

We will conclude our WiFi Router information here, although you will find far more information if you do some research.  It was mentioned earlier about the dangers of radiation through out your home and workplace, but I hope this this helps you understand that devices and appliances on WiFi are being introduced in many areas of our lives but we aren’t aware that it may be modern digital technology with strong radiation frequencies which may create ill health. Imagine just how many invisible signals/frequencies are filling our environment and affecting our health.

We may be feeling unwell and don’t understand why. Doctors aren’t aware of these damaging issues and just put it down to depression and prescribe medication.  This won’t help, therefore I hope we are providing information for more understanding and be aware that to choose to try Our Tesla’s Technologies products could minimize the effects. Our Phone Tag placed on the back of the Router near the NBN or phone line port is sufficient to do this.

All very well to have SMART appliances and devices to make life easier but these are all connecting to WiFi and many people will find the frequencies are affecting their health, but don’t realize that it is all the things on the Internet/WiFi. We must address the health challenges this will bring.

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