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Pendant Cords & Links


Including post and handling

Pendant Cords supplied by us are wax coated cotton and should last up to two years, however can also wear much earlier depending on your activities. All cords are black in colour and Child Pendant Cords are a little shorter. We are finding that there a lot of children with large heads, therefore if this is the case for your child, we will send an Adult size.

Titanium links for Tesla’s pendants.
Should you prefer not to use the cord, which comes with the pendant, it is possible to wear a metal chain e.g. gold, silver, or leather etc. using a titanium link available from us. It is necessary to put this link through the hole in the pendant to avoid an energy change, which will occur if any other metal is put through the hole.

If you can find a jeweller with titanium links, you could use them, it must be titanium only.