Laptop/Tablet Tag Set

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Laptop/Tablet Tag Set


Tesla’s has developed the Laptop-Tablet Tag Set as more and more people are using Tablets and Laptops for convenience and mobility, instead of desktop computers.

These devices are very efficient and powerful and emit very strong EMFs and it is believed to cause damage to our DNA. Electromagnetic Radiation and Microwave Fields emanating from the Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth antennas is suggested through studies to cause bio-energy effect to the DNA when they are in use. This, we believe is helping to add to the increasing infertility numbers in our younger generations.

The emissions cannot be felt or seen, which is creating a real problem as most people use these devices on their lap.

The set consists of:

  • Set of Four Tags
  • Size 15mm diameter each
  • Thickness 1mm each
  • Colour Silver only

These Tags, at first glance look like a Tesla’s Phone Tag that was developed exclusively for the Mobile/Cell and Cordless Phone and are very focused in one area.

They are NOT to be used on mobile/cell phones.

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