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What Our Clients Say

As a family-owned and operated provider of The Original & The Best Tesla 5G EMR/EMF products, TESLA-EHH is proud to serve a global customer base. Take a look at some feedback from our customers.

I have serious concerns about 5G EMF radiation and its possible effect on my young family. I was referred to EHH and Tesla plates through a close friend who has been using their plate for over a decade. She has had fantastic healing benefits through the use of her large oyster plates, and also swears by the mobile phone tags. My experience with Bronwen and Richard has been second to none, they have given me a much better understanding of the chaotic frequency of EMF radiation and how the Tesla plates and product mitigate this for our bodies. With this greater understanding,  I’m now confident we are protected. Thanks so much

Brett W Perth

I am writing to thank you very much for our new Tesla products. We had energies under our house, which made it impossible to sleep in our bed, other than in the middle of the room. Since placing the products through the house we have been able to move our bed back to the wall and we sleep peacefully all night.

Phil H QLD

“I recently purchased some adult pendants and I am really impressed. I have suffered neck problems for years and after two days of wearing this pendant, the pain in my neck has substantially reduced. I still take glucosamine and fish oil, but the general aches and continuous discomfort was one that I learned to tolerate. I no longer suffer this discomfort, and it is a welcomed relief. Thank you very much”

Greg M WA

Hello Teslas, We received our order of the Family House Kit yesterday and we both had the best sleep we have ever had in this house. So the ley lines and underground water you showed we had under our bedroom has been totally covered with the oyster house plate. The whole house now feels so calm, thank you so much for providing such a wonderful product.

Eileen W NSW


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