The Amplifier

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The Amplifier


(This one hasn’t been released as yet but will in the next couple of weeks)

The Amplifier is an exquisite Plate developed to amplify your energetic work. It is a privilege to be the owner of this incredible product. The amplifier is unique as it takes on the owner’s matrix very quickly (you). Within a couple of hours of owning this amazing plate, you will feel a connection as though you and the Plate have become one.  In this sense it will not be uncommon for the owner to want to carry this Plate around with them on their person.

When working as a practitioner, the Amplifier is the perfect product to have. Place the Plate on the silk that the Plate came with and sit on your desk while working.  The amplifier will assist you with your clients by amplifying your connectedness.

The Amplifier and the Chakra Balancer

By placing The Amplifier and the Chakra Balancer 4 cm above each other, you will see and feel the expansion of an amazing energy.

If yourself or a client needs extra energy work, write their name and birthdate on a piece of paper and place it between the Amplifier and the Chakra Balancer and leave the name there overnight. This may help with physical issues and reinforce any previous work. You

may find sleep patterns are a little disturbed but the result of this can be quite amazing.