Tesla’s Transcenders

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Tesla’s Transcenders


NOTE: If you wish to place an order for a Transcender, we now only supply a soft base for both sizes as postage for a hard base was too expensive and difficult to package.

The Plates used in these Transcenders are treated as a family, very different to how individual plates are treated. THESE PLATES MUST NEVER BE SEPERATED FROM EACH OTHER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. They will not produce the same results individually as a plate purchased separately which has been treated by itself. Similarly please do not attempt to add a plate you may already have purchased in place of one in the Transcender package, as this also will interfere with the energy of the device.

Tesla’s Transcenders currently come with a soft base for easy transportation and shipping. Four special Tesla’s Plates make up the totally unique product. Tesla’s Transcenders come in two versions, Adult and Junior which caters for Teenagers and younger, and is the perfect answer to people who are really sensitive as the Transcender enables you to tap into the Cosmic Universe at anytime and place.

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