EMF Sickness and Health Concerns

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EMF Sickness and Health Concerns

In 2015, more than 190 independent scientists from 39 countries got together to warn the public “EMFs are potentially harmful to all life”. ”The truth is that at first, your body can handle this toxic exposure, and heal just fine. Most people don’t feel anything at this point. But after being exposed to EMFs 24/7 for several years, independent researchers have found that the human body starts deteriorating rapidly. And it’s getting more dangerous every day because the number of “polluting” devices like cell phones, tablets, baby monitors, gaming controls, smart meters, Wi-Fi modem/routers, mobile/cell phone towers and Bluetooth sensors is increasing exponentially, all these are harmful to your body.

Are you affected?

A growing percentage of knowledgeable people are searching for products to keep them safe in this modern, mobile device world, knowing that radiation is harmful for their family.  Sensitive people are searching for the answer to their discomfort because, believe it or not, they feel it.

We often hear people talk of electrosmog, we can’t see it, but it’s all around us, creating a sickness, which most doctors don’t understand and therefore treat with pharmaceuticals, which don’t help. We suggest you find a Kinesiologist, as most are right on top of EMF Radiation and know that there are products to help. However likewise, most Kinesiologists aren’t aware of OUR Tesla’s Technologies product being the original treatment and still the best. We don’t give all the misinformation many websites are unfortunately claiming their products can do. Our suggestion is to see a Kinesiologist and then come back to us if they don’t already have our Tesla’s Technologies products, maybe you can teach them….

After nearly 20 years working with Tesla’s Technologies, we’ve found we have an answer to deal with these damaging frequencies. We have heard from thousands of customers with many different experiences and helped minimize their discomfort to allow them to live their life with the ease they didn’t think possible again. Check out our products and give us a call to discuss your questions and experiences.

Thanks to Nikola Tesla and his brilliant mind, he enabled us to have every gadget possible and as a consequence, we now live in a chaotic world but looking for peace and tranquillity.

Nikola Tesla, the man who developed our Alternating Current (AC Electricity) used today, knew over one hundred years ago that to the living on this planet, it was “the most dangerous thing on earth”, and he had created it. Our products are produced using a device Nikola Tesla designed to allow us to live safely with his inventions.

Our Tesla’s Technologies products help…

We have products to help the body deal with electrical interference (EMF Radiation) from Mobile/Cell and cordless Phones, Mobile Phone Towers, Computers, Televisions, electricity Smart Meters, etc. Electrical wiring, Transformers in the street, Electrical Substations, SMOG, EMR and EMFs, etc.

Have you ever thought about the Inverter, in your garage for your solar panels to convert to electricity and hot water?  Have you thought about the High Voltage Power lines running down a street less than 4km from your home? Have you thought about the turbines on a wind farm or the inverters on the Solar Farms now appearing everywhere, which might be near you? Sensitive people are unable to live near these, so if it affects them, it is affecting us all, most of us just don’t feel it.

Maybe you have a battery operated or hybrid car, do you have difficulty staying awake when driving or as a passenger? Is your Meter Box sitting on the outside of your bedroom wall where your bed head is positioned? Does your child attend a school with computers and Wi-Fi? Do you have difficulty sleeping at night? I could continue, but I want you to know there are many, many issues out there, which are affecting our health, and we just don’t think of the possibilities.  We have had many enquiries for all of these situations and more, and we will/have worked with them to remedy these challenges using our Tesla’s product.

Nikola Tesla, the grandfather of harnessing electricity, knew we would have health issues with the Alternating Currents he had produced, (AC electricity we use today) but gave us technology to allow us to live safely and harmoniously with these potentially harmful frequencies and signals. In this ever increasing digital technology world, we have so much more to deal with now than just electricity.

There are many different health challenges created by heightening EMF Radiation and Geopathic Stress and to address most of the issues, we have our Tesla’s Technologies products which we keep close. We welcome a chat to see if we can help and suggest some of the choices you have. Prior to contacting us, it is always beneficial to the call for you to have checked out the PRODUCTS and we always suggest starting with a Personal Pendant and Phone Tags.

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