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Spirit Plates


The Spirit Plates are relatively new to our Practitioner Range, designed to help those wanting to connect to the spiritual side of their life. They consist of two plates of the same size and shape and like the oysters, chakra balancer and new Amplifier, are struck together to have the ability to work in this way.

Both sizes have a similar nature to personal pendants in as much as they attach to the owner of the plate and should remain as your personal plate. For this reason the plate should never be given away, though you can give it to other people to use while they are in your presence.

Every now and then there comes a product that can have outstanding effects in your life. The product I am talking about is this Tesla’s Spiritual Plate.

The name of this product gives you some idea of what it is used for. But to understand this properly you are going to need some form of reference why these words were chosen.

The word spiritual: this refers to something more than just our physical being. It can be many different things to different people but nonetheless it refers to our ability to connect to something more than ourselves. One of the jobs of the Tesla’s Spiritual Plate is to open and clear the mechanism in our physical body that allows us to connect to the spiritual side of our lives. The Tesla’s Spiritual Plate is designed to lift you up from low thinking and to help you to go forward and embrace life with colour.

The Tesla’s Spiritual Plate comes in two sizes large and small. The smaller one works particular well with teenagers and younger, also as well as pets.