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We are here to Help!

Energy Health & Harmony was formed to share our knowledge and Tesla’s Technologies products with others. Our aim with this new website is to make a difference. If we can create awareness, pass on the knowledge we have gleaned over nearly 20 years and assist those who are searching for answers, we will have achieved our objective.

Who Are We?

Like many retailers, we discovered and became passionate about our products after using them ourselves. We have been known as Energy Health & Harmony for nearly two decades but as people are looking for OUR Tesla Product more and more due to our successful reputation we find it necessary to add ‘Tesla’ to our name to assist ease of being found. This has led us to create Tesla-ehh.com (Tesla Energy Health & Harmony).  In the past we have operated the business online, but also very aggressively through exhibitions, shows and shopping centres in front of thousands across Australia and the UK. It is for this reason we are keeping the original name and adding ‘Tesla”.

If you are sensitive to energies, you will be delighted with how different your life might be once you introduce these products to your daily routine. We are still amazed at the difference it has made to our own lives as well as our thousands of customers.

Choose from OUR many Tesla Products, which, when attached to modern day technologies – mobile devices and appliances – may help minimise the damaging effects of ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR), which these devices and appliances exude. This, allowing us to live happily and harmoniously whilst using and carrying them, it is impossible to be certain of the impact a high-tech home and lifestyle is having on your body.

You will note, unlike most other websites promoting similar sounding products, that we don’t mention that our products will ‘protect’ against (EMR and EMF) when using devices. This is due to the government departments policing our website content and have forbidden the use of the word ‘protection’. How others are allowed to get away with it, we don’t understand. Therefore we have to use the alternative explanation that our product shields or allows us to now live harmoniously with these damaging signals creating a calm, peaceful environment.
As a normal disclaimer expected from any health related topic, nothing on this website is to be construed as medical diagnosis or advice. Do your own research, make your own choices. If you find information, and there is so much out there, which I know is really confusing, feel free to come back to us and we will discuss your concerns.  We’ve been working with this product for nearly 20 years and have seen a lot of products, which are claimed to do what the Tesla’s product does. These products come for a short time and then are gone. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation and greed out there and this is a huge concern of ours, we want to provide education about the best product and how you can best test to find it. 
We offer a selection of energetic products for individuals pursuing good health and a healthy lifestyle naturally. Our objective is to provide customer satisfaction and possible relief and calming from an array of health concerns and emotional challenges.

We’d like to remind you that you can get in touch at any time for information or product recommendations. We care about your wellbeing and would love to hear from you.     

About Our Products

TESLA-EHH (Tesla Energy Health & Harmony) products may help us live harmoniously or safely in this technological world.

The products we sell are made using the device the inventor Nikola Tesla designed. As well as inventing our AC electricity, Tesla came up with a way to minimise the ElectroMagnetic Radiation that his technology produced. After his death, scientists developed the device, according to his instructions, to enable the current manufacturer to create these necessary products.

These products are designed to clear the modern-day environment from digital pollution. For the past two decades, they have been produced from titanium, which is superior to the aluminium which was originally used. These products use no batteries, magnets or electrical power, are therefore very mobile for relocation and travel. They are also very cost-effective as you only need to purchase them once.

The products available on TESLA-EHH are The Original and The Best. They have been available for over 20 years and are highly sought-after from people around the world.

Why Choose Tesla-ehh?

The Australian-based team at TESLA-EHH has been providing customers with Tesla’s Technologies to help reduce the impact of EMR/EMF for over 17 years.


We have been selling EMF safety products for 17 years.


All our titanium products are treated in the Nikola Tesla special device.


Ask us a question and we’ll get back to you with our answers.


EHH aims to be genuine and transparent in all we do.


Browse our products to find what you’re looking for.


We ship worldwide from our base in Australia.

Our Vision

Bring all living things and the planet back to balance and harmony from the ever increasing unseen health dangers of this digital communication world.