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What are Tesla Plates

Are You Aware? By Using Technology Safely and attaching or positioning OUR Tesla’s Technologies Products appropriately, we are able to live harmoniously with modern day technologies; Phones, iPads/Tablets, iPods, Laptops, Computers, Baby/Health Monitors, Gaming Controllers, Phone and Communication Towers, Overhead High Voltage Power

Lines, Transformers, Smart Meters, Solar Panel Inverters, NBN boxes, etc.

Our Tesla’s titanium product, which is structurally altered to be able to do the specific job it is designed to do, has been on the market worldwide for more than 20 years now with great respect and credibility. We suggest you choose your product wisely, the slogan “The original and the best” applies to OUR Tesla product not most others, which are nothing to do with our product or Nikola Tesla.

We have Products available to render your mobile devices safer to use. The damaging ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR), which these devices exude, is altered to allow us to live happily and harmoniously whilst using and carrying them.

We offer a selection of energetic products for individuals pursuing good health and a healthy lifestyle naturally. Our objective is to provide customer satisfaction (with a guarantee period) and possible relief and calming from an array of health concerns and emotional challenges.

Studies over many years have proven that chaotic man-made signals/frequencies cause disturbances in our body’s electrical system and cell communication. EMF and EMR produce chaotic patterns at the subatomic level, which are damaging to all living things. Tesla’s Technologies products alter these patterns to coherent/calming patterns, thereby altering the way they affect all living cells.

This is the only product of it kind today which allows us to live harmoniously with the radiation and products now being produced. These EMF Radiation products and devices are damaging to the health of the planet and all living upon it. Not only does the Tesla’s product assist us to deal with all this chaotic man-made energy, but also allows us to vibrate and move with the vibration of the Earth as it steadily and constantly increases.

We are privileged to have found the Tesla’s products and will carry them everywhere we travel.  We are happy to chat with anyone who would like assistance with choosing the products to suit their lifestyle and environment.

How do they work?

Tesla’s Technologies products act in the same way as the Pyramids were originally designed to function, as antennas bringing in Photon/Tachyon energy.

Designed to balance spin rates in the body, these spin rates are seen in electrons, cells, DNA, organs, also the Earth, Planets, Sola Systems, Galaxies, etc. Therefore man made ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radiations (EMR) disturb these spin rates (oscillations) and can affect our health.

These unique Tesla’s Technologies products are created using a technology designed by Nikola Tesla. After cutting, individually and artistically hand colouring and doming, the plates are placed in a device, which alters the atomic structure of the metal. This takes anything from 1 to 7 days. After this process the plates now act as transceivers, bringing in photon light energy to the planet.  The specific photon/tachyon energy enters the plates around the circumference and exits through both the concave and the convex sides. 70% through the concave side and 30% through the convex side, therefore the concave side is suggested to face the problem situation whether it be a health challenge area or a device, appliance or structure issue.  This new energy alters the frequencies to and from the plates, which in turn, alters the frequencies of radiation near us to allow us to live harmoniously with.

Due to the process and production of these products and the brilliant mind of Nikola Tesla, the energy of these plates alters the chaotic man made sharp pointed frequencies/signals to smooth, coherent, calming frequencies/signals that our body accepts happily and harmoniously.

The amount of metal in each plate determines the level of energy emanating from the plate and each plate has a different basic function according to size and the harmonics of its shape.

These Tesla’s Technologies products therefore may be able to create a much calmer situation than what you are presently experiencing.  You are most welcome to contact us to talk about your current circumstance and how we may be able to assist.

Tesla’s Plate History

Nikola Tesla is a little known genius who basically invented the electronic 20th century, which included the man-made ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) and ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) which produces and drives his many inventions – Hydro Power Generators, (his first invention was Alternating Current and the world’s first Hydroelectric power station at Niagara Falls in 1885) also Radio, Fluorescent lights, Radar, Tesla Coil, Remote Control, Microwave and many more.

Tesla, with the financial backing of George Westinghouse, produced the electrical Alternating Current (AC) we use today and having done that he knew then that his invention would prove to be one of the most dangerous things to the health of all living things on earth, Tesla understood how light and pyramid energy worked and with that in mind he designed what we call the Tesla device which alters the atomic structure of the pure element titanium, used in our Tesla’s Technologies products today.

It is therefore understandable that the genius of the man to have the ability to produce the many inventions which we now live with, would understand how to design a way for us to live harmoniously with all that he had created. No other product on the market is produced with this process and titanium.

You may have heard of the “Purple plate” and yes it is the superseded aluminium Tesla Technology product resulting from the design of Nikola Tesla. His design was passed to a young scientist -Ralf Bergstresser – not long before his death in 1943. For those among us who understand energies and vibration, unfortunately the Purple Plate doesn’t have the ability to raise the human vibration above 7.9 Hz, therefore now with the introduction of our Tesla’s product, is able to assist with moving with the vibration of the earth, which in turn assists our energy. (The planet’s vibration in May 2005 was 16Hz and in March 2007 18.8 Hz and in 2019 some say it could be as high as 30Hz, although NASA no longer shows it on their website, possibly because they don’t know where this will lead)

The manufacturer of our Tesla’s Technologies products worked for a time with the aluminium Purple Plate product prior to taking possession of this special device and beginning the Tesla’s Technologies business in 1994. Their more superior choice of a pure element, tweaking the process and using only Grade 1 titanium, has created a far superior and efficient product. Titanium was also chosen because it is non-allergenic and its molecular structure is similar to human bone, hence the reason it is now used in surgical procedures as the body accepts it readily.

From time to time, we suggest you come back to our Product pages to see if there are new products introduced to deal with the ever increasing EMR radiation and new products on the market, which may need our updated or new products to assist.

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