5G Small Oyster House Plate

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5G Small Oyster House Plate


To position correctly, avoid placing all larger plates directly on metal for best results.

 The 5G Small Oyster House plate, made of two fourteen sided plates specially produced, influences an area of about .75 of a hectare (1.75 acres) was initially designed for multi storey buildings where it will cover 12 floors (6 above and 6 below the positioned oyster). The 5G Small Oyster, also included in the 5G Small Oyster House Kit, has now become widely used in single/double level homes due to the increase in high frequency/high communication areas. Due to this increase we at Energy Health & Harmony, now very rarely sell the single 8 or 14 sided House Plates, as they are just not adequately dealing with the chaos. The introduction of the dangerous 5G frequencies is an added complication, therefore House Kit orders include 5G Small and 5G Large Oyster House Plates only.

We are discovering that when a 5G tower is turned on, the 5G Small Oyster is not quite adequate to completely help the medium to large home and therefore is necessary to use the 5G Large Oyster for total coverage if the tower is close.  It does appear to be adequate however, to cover the smaller 2 bedroom home, or unit.  We will be able to test this as 5G rolls out further.

The 5G Small Oyster House Plate produces a specific energy which alters the frequencies from: Mobile Phone Towers, Satellites, WiFi, Radar and High Voltage power lines, rendering them biologically compatible.  In the process of doing this, plant and animal life are also energised.

We carry our 5G Small Oyster in our carry on luggage every time we fly to deal with the high damaging radiation frequencies generated when in flight. Jet lag is a thing on the past for us when arriving at our destination.

Placed in a work place environment, together with the Electron Stabiliser, the workers are calmer and less stressed.