Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla the genius who is basically unknown to the world, unlike Edison and Einstein, but in fact Tesla is said to have practically invented the electronic 20th century, with his many inventions, many of which are used today.

Tesla, the man responsible for the development and efficacy of the current Tesla’s Technologies titanium products. His dream for mankind was to provide us with knowledge of electricity with the idea of not having to work. (But then what would do with our time???)

This video is very short but gives a great overview of Nikola Tesla and his progress through life, his inventions and how others, who stole his work as their own, took advantage of him.  Hence they are/were awarded the honours and not the man actually entitled, who should be up in lights not them.

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856, on the Old Austrian-Hungarian border, then known as part of the Austro Hungarian Empire, in the country Croatia, in the region of Lika in a town called Smiljan was the son of Serbian parents, his father a Serbian Orthodox priest.  Over the years this area has experienced a lot of unrest and area name changes but Tesla himself embraced his homeland and the end of one of his transmissions reads, “I am equally proud of my Serbian origin and my Croation fatherland. Long live all Yugoslavians – Nikola Tesla ”

In 1884, Nikola Tesla, with only a few cents in his pocket, but a determined dream/vision, migrated to America, where he remained until his death in 1943 after an amazing life’s work of ups and downs.

Initially he worked for Thomas Edison for just two months but had a clash of ethics and went digging ditches for a time, rather than continue in that position. Having heard Tesla talk one day, George Westinghouse and Tesla became great friends and partnered, with Tesla the worker and Westinghouse the financier. This was when Tesla’s dream of producing Alternating Current (AC) was achieved.

Tesla’s first and greatest invention was that of the rotating magnetic field, the necessary element of Alternating Current (AC), the electricity we use today. During his 59 years in America he owned around 1,600 patents, many in sequential order, never been done by anyone else.

His brilliant mind awarded him 27 different honorary university degrees from all over the world between the years of 1870 and 1925.

With this genius and inquisitive mind, together with his dream, Tesla understood how light and pyramid energy worked and therefore went on to design, develop and build his many inventions. To this day most of his patents have never been produced, although many scientists have tried, because Tesla didn’t make notes of every step to take, he thought it elementary and too basic to write down, therefore, took the information with him.

With his invention of the rotating magnetic field and AC electric power, he went on to build the world’s first hydroelectric power station at Niagara Falls in 1885. Some other of his inventions;

Radar, Remote Control, Tesla Coil (still in use today in many areas), Radio, Fluorescent and Neon Lights, Hydro Power Generators, and more.

From his Niagara Falls power station he sent power 56Km (34 miles) to Buffalo. Until this time Edison’s Electric Company was only able to produce Direct Current (DC) which only had the strength to run one or two street blocks.

Tesla and Westinghouse didn’t want to make money, they only charged a small amount for the electricity, just enough to cover building and repairs. A meter invented by Tesla, measured this electricity, which was to be their gift to humanity. Of course there’s no wealth in “free” and we know today we are charged a huge amount, so someone is certainly gaining on what was meant to be free, from Tesla and Westinghouse.

A great financial future was seen in this new AC power by three large banks at the time, and made a substantial offer to Westinghouse, to which he refused. Unfortunately greed took over and the banks bought up his shares without his knowledge and informed him at the next Annual General Meeting that he no longer owned his Company and wasn’t needed.

Tesla was offered $3.5 million for all his patents and knowledge by the bankers and paid dearly for his decision to refuse. After the fires, which burnt Tesla’s laboratories to the ground, J.P. Morgan, one of the bankers, took over financing of Tesla’s work.

Tesla realised by late 1886 that this AC electricity was dangerous to all living things and is said to have written, “The Alternating Current I have invented will prove to be the most dangerous thing on earth and I must find an alternative”

At his Boulder Colorado laboratory, in 1912 Tesla produced what he called ‘free energy’ and after demonstrating this to the media by screwing 200 light bulbs straight into the ground, 51 km (31 miles) away, J.P. Morgan withdrew funding and set about destroying the Tesla name.

Sadly, this electricity would have, not only been free and safe but it was harmonious with our bodies and would have been non-polluting for our atmosphere.

Just weeks before his death, Nikola Tesla handed his paperwork to a young Air Force physicist, Ralph Bergstresser, on how to counteract the biological effects of his inventions. This was the design of the device used today by Tesla’s Technologies to prepare our plates.
Nikola Tesla died in unusual circumstances, family and friends claim he was run over by a black limo as he crossed the road to feed his beloved pigeons, then placed back in his hotel room. However most books will tell you he died in his sleep. This happened two days before he was to meet with the President of the United States to explain the damage that his inventions would cause, including the Philadelphia Experiment.

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