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Tesla’s HeartSender comes with a soft light canvas printed base with markings to position each plate, is easy to transport and is designed for medium foot traffic. Also unbreakable, unlike the original hard base in the photos below.

Stool is not included, but does need to be wooden, preferably without screws.

When sitting or standing on the Tesla’s HeartSender your heart and mind are connected. You are in a coherent state, your thoughts and emotions become balanced and you experience inner harmony.

We call it Heart Intelligence…

What is Heart Intelligence you may well say? It is the flow of intuitive awareness with an understanding of your inner guidance. You will experience this on the Tesla’s HeartSender. Your mind will be in coherent alignment with your heart and you will have organization at a cellular level. We must always be conscious of the fact that no two people have the same energy signatures and thus the outcome is different for each person.

There are seven Tesla’s plates in the HeartSender with a Small 5G Oyster in the centre. These are made specifically to work in this configuration and under NO circumstances can they be separated, they are treated together and must stay together or the energy is altered.  Treat them as a family, not to be parted. Sitting within the Tesla’s HeartSender is a lovely place to meditate

It is very good for supporting Heart Brain connection.

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