Tesla’s Transcenders

Tesla’s Transcenders currently come with a soft base for easy transportation and shipping. Four special Tesla’s Plates make up the totally unique product. Tesla’s Transcenders come in two versions, Adult and Junior which caters for Teenagers and younger, and is the perfect answer to people who are really sensitive as the Transcender enables you to tap into the Cosmic Universe at anytime and place.

This device has been developed to assist with your transition both mentally and physically. When on the Tesla’s Transcender your clarity of thinking is the first thing you notice, the next is the level of calmness moving through your entire body and thirdly your emotions, you can feel the energy moving up your spine to your crown chakra.

The vortex energy that is felt within the Transcender, working with emotions and balancing the energy of the person, helping to assist them back to a balanced state with a noticeable clearing of the mind. It also has its own unique signatures of working at the DNA level. Many people feel the swirling of energy going through their body, tending to make them rock to and fro. This is due to the Tesla’s plates in the Transcender interacting with the double helix of the DNA, clearing unbalanced energy patterns, which no longer serve you.

Experience shows that Tesla’s technologies brings the body into a more harmonic and balanced state of wellbeing, but we are always conscious of the fact that no two people have the same energy signatures and the outcome is always different for each person.

It is truly amazing how this technology works to find previous generation emotional patterns preventing progress in life today, bringing them forward to consciousness to be released. Speaking here of when this release occurs, a feeling of lightness is experienced.

Different positions are able to be experienced, standing, sitting on a wooden or plastic stool or sitting directly on the centre plate on the floor. This allows flexibility to achieve different states of consciousness.

The same applies with the Junior Transcender but designed with lighter energy plates for Teens and younger.

Fresh food and vegetables placed on the Transcender last longer and adds Life Force, which is beneficial to our cells. Liquids are much more balanced, and many have experienced the smoother texture of wine, which has been sitting on the Transcender for 20 to 30 minutes, it’s difficult to believe it’s the same wine. However we don’t suggest doing this with a quality wine.

Experience of Transcender

“I meditated on the Transcender for an hour with a profound experience. Immediately felt warm energy flowing up my spine and to the crown chakra. During the meditational, the energy was vibrating around the head chakra. Energy was also vibrating through the hands and feet. Time seemed to accelerate, 60 minutes felt a lot shorter and the mediation seemed effortless.”

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, the Transcender is also a wonderful place for your daily mediation.

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