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Tesla’s Adult Pendants


How to wear your Tesla’s Personal Pendant

The Tesla’s Personal Pendant was specifically designed to be worn over the thymus with concave side facing the body (the dome side facing out from the body) and comes with an adjustable wax coated cotton cord so it can be worn around the neck. Once the pendant has been worn for 24 hours consecutively, it adapts to the wearer’s personal matrix/energy field and therefore cannot be worn by anyone else – cannot be shared. This is why it is named a Personal Pendant. The wearer’s energy field may become stronger and more balanced

The body has great difficulty dealing with the high frequencies of EMF Radiation, but the pendant converts these damaging man-made chaotic frequencies to a coherent signal, which the body can accept.

All our products are hand made so the colouring will vary; therefore the images here are a guide only. The Pendant may also increase activity in the lower brain frequencies as usually happens in deep meditation.

How to Select a Tesla’s Pendant for Yourself

When choosing a pendant, first decide on the shape then select the colour you prefer in this shape. Details of your selection will appear below the shape and colour choice. When choosing the shape please be sure not to choose a Yin Yang shape with a non-Yin-Yang colour, as this creates a need for us to contact you to verify the order. Thank you.

Another suggestion on choosing shapes and colours: We have the first four basic shapes, Round, Oval, 14 sided and Octagonal (8 sided) to which you choose any of the first 19 colours. The YinYang, Dolphins and the Surf Board shapes, only come in the colours you see for those shapes. In other words please don’t choose the Surf Board, Dolphin or YinYang and then ask for a number (#12) for instance, that won’t work…

Please Note:

It is necessary for you to choose the pendant option before going to the CART. First Choose the shape of the pendant, then move down and choose the colour option. It is important to choose the shape you are attracted to, this will create a more effective experience.

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Adult Basic Kit

Now you have decided to place your order, please begin with:

  1. Choosing a pendant Shape – click on the shape you are attracted to or resonate with.
  2. Choose a colour – click on the colour you prefer.

These choices will now show and it’s time to click ADD TO CART to proceed to the shopping cart.