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Should you prefer not to use the cord that comes with the pendant, it is possible to wear a different cord or a metal chain e.g. gold or silver however, please order a titanium link from us if you can’t find one elsewhere. Any other metal link will alter the pendant energy and is not advisable for ultimate results. We will include one in your initial pendant order if you ask in the “comment box”, but at a later date it will only cost $10, which will include two links, postage and packaging. This order can also be one link and one cord.

Testing has been done on a variety of people after they have worn the Personal Pendant in the correct position for 24 hours.

These results have been observed on biofeedback equipment including: EEG showing brain wave activity, Kirlian Photography, Micro Capillary Microscope showing blood flow and Acutec Ridoraqu & Prognos computer programs which test via the meridian system.

There is a lot of information available both on the Internet and in books, on the energy fields. Do your own research, check out the biofeedback equipment mentioned to find out how they work and what they do. More is being learned each day about energy fields and how we react in difference circumstances around us.

Many people are not aware of EMR and EMFs and therefore may not understand that they’re out in our environment and we suggest researching these subjects. On the other hand there are people who are aware and knowledgeable and have researched and studied these subjects both as interested in their environment and studied as university students in quantum physics.

We do not claim these products as therapeutic (disease curing) and ask that no comparison be made when purchasing these products.

Designed to be worn around the neck over the Thymus.

This Aura photo shows the light emitting from the Pendant while being worn (not detected by the naked eye).

The energy field of a lady before she chose a Personal Pendant.

The same lady’s energy field after wearing the Personal Pendant for 20 minutes.

The energy field of the same lady after wearing the Personal Pendant for 8 days.

NOTE: According to Eastern European Doctors who use this equipment for diagnosis in Eastern European military hospitals, gaps in the energy field can refelect low energy in corresponding areas of the body.

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