Teen Pendant

Teenage single Dolphin or Surfboard (2 only surfboard shapes) help the wearer cope with the unseen world of frequencies. When worn concave facing the body over the thymus, this helps the immune system, allows clearer thinking, has a calming effect and helps the young adults cope with the effects of EMF.

The size is appropriate for ages 6/7 to 18 years

If it is preferred to wear the pendant on a metal chain, then it is necessary to ask for a special titanium link to place through the hole. Any other metal link will alter the pendant energy and is not advisable for ultimate results. We will provide a link free of charge if asked for in the initial order and at a later date the cost is $10 for two links and postage.

Single Surfboards are perfect for cats and small size dogs only but order them in the Pet Pendant range. All surfboard pendants, adult and teen, should never be divided and worn by others as they are treated specifically in these formations to provide the effectiveness they are designed for.

All products are hand made and coloured and therefore will vary. The images here are a guide only.

When choosing a teen pendant, simply select the variation you would like.

The Personal Pendant was specifically designed to be worn over the thymus so comes with an adjustable waxed cotton cord so it can be worn around the neck. $10 will purchase 2 new cords and postage at a later date.

During the proprietary manufacturing process the vibrational signature of the metal (Titanium) has been varied so that it acts as a transceiver of specific photons (packets of light/energy).

This product then has the effect of strengthening the wearer’s energy field, thus helping to alleviate the bio-energy effects of some man-made EMF/EMR. The process educates the body to resist the harmful chaotic frequencies from modern technologies to enable us to live harmoniously with them.

Testing has been done on a variety of people after they have worn the Personal Pendant in the correct position for 24 hours.
These results have been observed on biofeedback equipment including: EEG showing brain wave activity, Micro Capillary Microscope showing blood flow and Acutec Ridoraqu & Prognos computer programs which test via the meridian system.

The Pendant adapts to the wearer’s personal matrix, thus the wearer’s, energy field may become stronger and more balanced. The Pendant may help the wearer cope with their EM environment. The Pendant may also increase activity in the lower brain frequencies as usually happens in deep meditation.

Teen Personal Kit

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