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Teen Pendants


The Teenage pendants include single Dolphin, Surfboard or plain Personal Pendants and help the wearer cope with the unseen world of frequencies.  The pendant was specifically designed to be worn over the thymus with concave side facing the body (the dome side facing out from the body) and comes with an adjustable wax coated cotton cord so it can be worn around the neck. This helps the immune system, allows clearer thinking, has a calming effect and helps the young adults cope with the effects of EMF Radiation.

Once the pendant has been worn for 24 hours consecutively, it adapts to the wearer’s personal matrix/energy field and therefore cannot be worn by anyone else – cannot be shared. This is why it is named a Personal Pendant. The wearer’s energy field may become stronger and more balanced.

The body has great difficulty dealing with the high frequencies of EMF Radiation, but the pendant converts these damaging man-made chaotic frequencies to a coherent signal, which the body can accept.

All products are hand made and coloured and therefore will vary. The images here are a guide only.

This size is appropriate for ages 6/7 up to 16-18 years

Should you prefer not to use the cord that comes with the pendant, it is possible to wear a different cord or a metal chain e.g. gold or silver, however, please order a titanium link from us if you can’t find one elsewhere. Any other metal link will alter the pendant energy and is not advisable for ultimate results.  We will include one in your initial pendant order free of charge if you ask in the “comment box”, but at a later date it will only cost $10, which will include two links, postage and packaging. This order can also be one link and one cord

All surfboard pendants, adult and teen, should never be divided and worn by others as they are treated together specifically in these formations to provide the effectiveness they are designed for.

If your school has a rule of nothing worn round the neck, there is an answer if you and your child want the healthy benefits, contact us.

When choosing a teen pendant, simply select the variation you like.

Teen Personal Kit

Now you have decided to place your order, please begin with:

  1. Choosing a pendant Shape – click on the shape you are attracted to or resonate with.
  2. Choose a colour – click on the colour you prefer.

These choices will now show and it’s time to click ADD TO CART to proceed to the shopping cart.