Spirit Plates

The Tesla’s Spirit Plates have been found to:

  • Move energy patterns that no longer benefit you
  • Enable release of negative energy patterns the moment you recognise it in yourself
  • Clear thought patterns and move to those which will serve you better
  • Help assess a situation more clearly
  • Help you connect at a spiritual level

Carry this beautiful plate with you and maybe you too will feel amazing.

Once the Spirit Plate has attuned to the owner it cannot be sold or given away to anyone else. However it can be handed to others and used whilst in the owners presence, but the Spirit Plate will always belong to or be imprinted with its original owner.

Small Spirit Plate
Size: 6.8cm x 5.6cm

Large Spirit Plate
Size: 9.5cm x 8cm

A double sided oval shaped plate, available in two sizes, Large for Adults and Small for Teens and younger. All are individually hand coloured, which means no two will be the same.

Every now and then a product comes along that can have a profound effect on your life.

Tesla’s next generation combination plate is just such a product… Spirit Plate

Our planet is advancing at such a rapid rate that it is difficult for our human bodies to keep up.

This is causing many of us to experience spiritual and emotional issues resulting in feelings of overwhelm.

Little is spoken of, or understood, that there are four dimensions of well-being and health which include Physical, Social, Mental and Spiritual. The spiritual dimension plays a great role in motivating people’s achievements in all aspects of life. This is the non-material or ideas, beliefs, values, faith and ethics in ones mind which then becomes the material or physical actions. Measured by the amount of peace and harmony and individual experiences in day-to-day life.

Our lives are made up of patterns inherited, received when we were young and those we’ve created ourselves. Many of these patterns are no longer a benefit to us, but are still in the background affecting the way we behave and view things. The Spirit Plates, when used correctly, help to release those patterns, and has been developed to help us at this time to re-pattern our energy field and keep us balanced.

One of the jobs of the Spirit Plate is to open and clear the mechanism in our physical body to allow us to connect to the spiritual side of our lives. It is designed to lift you up from negative or low thinking and to help move forward and embrace life with colour.

This plate was first configured back in 2000 but didn’t do what it was first thought it would at that time.

Now the energy shift on the planet is so very intense with many humans unable to cope with those energy shifts.

This particular configuration and treatment of the Spirit Plate is very relevant right now as it enables the plate to adapt and bond to its owner within only 2-4 hours (similar to the way a pendant can only have one wearer/user) Some people can feel it adapting within half an hour of holding it.

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