Pocket Plate

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Pocket Plate


65mm x 1.0mm thick. Field of influence approx. 1 metre

This plate is very much heart connected and for this reason can be worn in a shirt pocket (or in a side pocket of pants) with concave side facing into the body. This handy and versatile Plate is able to negate some of the adverse biological effects of the damaging chaotic man-made EMF Radiation and work in other areas for you also. For those without pockets, the plate can be placed in lady’s handbag or bra. This has been made possible by the vibrational signature of the titanium metal has been varied so that it acts as a transceiver of specific photons or light energy.

This little plate has been suggested to help with:

  • Altering the nasty taste of water to very pleasant
  • Altering a cheap wine to smooth and pleasant (not on good wine)
  • Speeding the healing process and relieving minor pain from headaches, insect bites, scuffed knee and bumps.
  • The healing process of cuts, bruises and minor burns/scolds
  • Sweetening fruits which may be a little sour

Place your Pocket Plate concave side concave side facing towards whatever you are wanting to correct.

Unlike the Personal Pendant it is not possible for colour design requests, but it is okay to request general blue or gold tonings in the “comments” box and we will endeavour to accommodate that request if in stock at the time.