Electron Stabiliser

What is EMF?

EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) is a term used to describe the invisible electric and magnetic fields that radiate from man-made alternating electrical current (AC electricity). EMF radiate from all electrical appliances in the home, office or factory, cars, trucks and buses, meter boxes, smart meters, also overhead tram and train lines. This is a damaging man made chaotic field.

 What is EMR?

EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) is a term used to describe an invisible form of man-made frequencies, transmitted through the atmosphere. Some common forms of EMR: TV and Radio waves, Microwaves, Radar, X-rays etc. Again these are damaging man made chaotic frequencies of which there are many people who may have difficulty accepting, these are sensitive people who are able to feel this energy. These people are in the minority however, but unfortunately the number is increasing rapidly but they often don’t realise or understand the cause or that our product is possibly their answer.

Studies have shown that for the sensitive people, positive ionization from some electrical appliances, computers, TV, etc. has been linked to health issues. Attaching the Electron Stabiliser alters positive ionization to negative ions, which our body may accept happily.

Positioning the Electron Stabiliser

We suggest the Stabiliser be wrapped around the electrical cord (see picture) at the back of the Television and be sure to leave the power on at the wall and the standby light is visible. This enables the Stabiliser to work through out the home 24 hours of the day. Any other cord is acceptable as long as there is a light on an appliance at the end of the cord. There must be current running through the cord to which the Stabiliser is attached. However please don’t put it on the fridge because it is thermostatically controlled and therefore will turn off periodically.

For those who prefer to turn all power off at night, we suggest purchasing a power board with a light on one end, place this on a power outlet (could be in the garage if preferred), attach the Electron Stabiliser and leave this switch on 24 hours and the whole home will be covered through the night and day.

After attaching the Electron Stabiliser, some of the more sensitive clients feel a comfortable change (however most people will not necessarily feel change as we are all different in our makeup).

Experiences provided by existing clients and how they feel different are not to be expected generally by everyone attaching the Stabiliser. The space has been altered, but most people are not sensitive enough to feel the change.

Why the Electron Stabiliser

The Electron Stabiliser came about because Nikola Tesla became aware that the alternating current (AC electric current used today), he had created would be far too strong for the human energy field to withstand in many instances.

Tesla issued the scientific community with a warning:

“The Alternating Current I have invented will prove to be the most dangerous thing on earth and I must find an alternative.”

The Electron Stabiliser causes the flow of electrons to go from chaotic to coherent. This causes the electrical frequency to be more harmonious with the human body, also quieter and more efficient electrical motors (fridges etc.) as reported from users of the products.

It is possible to research Alternating Current (AC) and understand the differences between positive ions and negative ions produced by electrical appliances and if we are able to alter the output of positive ions to negative ions in some way, then the resultant energies may create a more pleasant environment for those sensitive enough to feel the difference.

We do not claim our products to be therapeutic, but many people do experience changes when applying the Electron Stabiliser in the home

There is only need for one Electron Stabiliser in the majority of homes, the only need for another one is if there is three phase power into the home or work place, then there is a need for a second one on the other circuit.

You have it for life. Simple to attach, take it with you where ever you travel. Nothing to replace and no ongoing costs.

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