Child’s Pendant

This Pendant is only available in an oval shape which is smaller than the adult oval.

The Child Personal Pendant is designed to be worn by children from baby to approximately 6 – 7 years of age. Once the pendant has been worn for more than 12 hours consecutively, it can no longer be worn by another child. Please do not share with other children. If two children in the household have child pendants please be sure they don’t decide themselves that they want to swap. Their energy is different and therefore should never exchange pendants. The pendants will not be as effective.

The Children’s Pendant, is positioned concave facing the body over the thymus area, and comes with an adjustable waxed cotton cord so it can be worn around the neck.

If you prefer not to use the cord provided, we have a specially treated titanium link to be put through the hole of the pendant and then any chain or cord can be worn. It is preferred not to place other metals through the hole as the energy is altered. We have specially treated titanium links to allow wearing metal chains, although most children are happy with the cord provided.

If parents have a concern of choking for babies and young children wearing a cord, we suggest making a little fabric pocket and use either a button or velcro inside each shirt or dress.

During the proprietary manufacturing process the vibrational signature of the metal (Titanium) has been varied so that it acts as a transceiver of specific photons (packets of light/energy).

This product then may have the effect of strengthening the wearer’s energy field, thus helping to deal with the bio-energy effects of some man-made EMF/EMR. The pendant or tranceiver as it now is, may educate the body to cope more readily with the chaotic frequencies created by our modern technologies.

Many people are not aware of EMR and EMFs and therefore may not understand the affects to the body and we suggest researching these subjects. On the other hand there are many people who are knowledgeable, have researched and studied these subjects both as interested in their environment and as university students in quantum physics.

All products are hand made and coloured and therefore will vary. The images here are a guide only.

There is a lot of information available both on the internet and in books, of the bio-energy of the body and energy fields. Do your own research, check out the biofeedback equipment to understand how they work and what they do. More is being learned each day about energy fields and how the body energy affects the way we feel and reacts to everything around us.

We do not claim these products as therapeutic and ask that this not be thought of when purchasing these products.

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