Small Octagonal Plate

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Small Octagonal Plate


Our Small Octagonal Plate was developed to work specifically with computer screens and other uses. This plate was originally named the Computer Plate prior to the introduction of the Laptop/Tablet Tag Set which is now more effective when using a Laptop or Tablet. For the desktop computer this plate is still the best choice.

70mm x 70mm x 1.0mm thick. Field of influence approx. 1 metre

With the introduction of the Smart Meter for recording electricity usage, many people are experiencing health issues due to the damaging electro magnetic radiation frequencies involved with these meters. We have found that placing a Small Octagonal Plate on top of the meter, together with an Electron Stabiliser attached to an electrical cord in the house/garage, that there is a considerable change felt by those sensitive beings who feel all this frequency activity. Those who don’t feel it are still being affected.

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