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We have a special little plate called the Phone Tag. The Phone Tag alters the chaotic pattern in the transmissions to and from the antenna of the phone. It renders the mobile phone biologically harmonious to the user and anyone within 1 metre radius. In recent years both mobile and cordless phones are constantly being made with higher and stronger radiation frequencies and mobile phones known as SMART phones such as the iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, Androids, etc., as mentioned, need two Tags. Although wonderful technology, to cope with the built in antenna, blue tooth abilities and with the soon to be introduced additional 5G hugely high radiation, the two Phone Tags is very likely going to have to be increased to three Tags. Come back to our site when that occurs and we will have the information for you.

The old phones used only for communication, that don’t go on the internet and no blue tooth, still only require one Phone Tag but there are very few around now.

Once purchasing Tesla’s Phone Tags and attaching to mobile or cordless phones (these are as bad or worse than the mobile phone, but never spoken of), you won’t need to purchase again as these phone tags have the ability to continuously provide the altered chaotic man made radiation in the transmission. Meaning that you never throw the phone tags away, but take off (e.g. maybe using a blunt cutlery knife) and move to the new upgraded phone when necessary. If you use a flexible cover on your phone, I suggest attaching the tags and then go searching for a cover to fit, they are out there, otherwise it is possible to cut out the cover to expose the tag. If you prefer not to use a cover then be careful to use new double sided tape or appropriate glue (we suggest Araldite as it is easy to lift off later), so that the Phone Tags don’t drop off. Under a cover your original double sided tape will suffice for a couple of upgrades.

When positioning the Phone Tag on any device it is most important to place a straight edge of the phone tag parallel to the top or bottom edge of the phone. If a point of the phone tag is placed toward the top of the device then the Phone Tag loses its effectiveness and will not be capable of doing its job fully.

To our knowledge at the point of writing, there is no other device available, which has an indefinite life of effectiveness and does the job that the Tesla’s Phone Tag does. Our suggestion is that devices should be tested for effectiveness periodically, as there are many mobile phones out there with devices attached and the user is unaware they are no longer (maybe never were) doing the job of dealing with the damaging radiation. The best testing for this is muscle testing or Kinesiology, your body will give the answer.

The pictures below are from Dr Carlo’s book “Cell Phones” and show a scan of radiation penetration from Mobile phones.

In the head of a child
In the head of a teenager
In the head of an adult

These three videos below show the necessity of using products such as the Tesla’s Technologies products to change that chaotic manmade signal and render the device as harmoniously suitable for human use.

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