What You Need To Know About 5G

We all know now that 5G means faster Internet, but that is what is being “sold” to us. We must educate ourselves about the huge cost this is to be for the health of all organisms on earth – Humans, animals, insects, plants and the planet.

5G will add an extra layer – not replace – to our current wireless technology. It will use current 3G and 4G wireless microwave frequencies and add even more radiation up in the millimetre wave range of the ElectroMagnetic Spectrum, creating much higher wave radiation. All this to transmit data for superfast speeds with huge damaging health effects.

Millions of small cells are to be built near our homes in the name of 5G. These small cell antennas will be placed sometimes secretly on:

  • Street lights
  • Street rubbish bins
  • Electricity poles
  • Buss stops
  • Building

Radiation Frequencies (RF) dissipates with distance. In other words, a low powered exposure right next to someone is more dangerous than a more powerful exposure a long way away. Also the longer the exposure time is, the more dangerous 5G will be, the worst of both worlds. 

On the chart below 5G is currently about 10-3 half way along the spectrum, however once fully in operation will dramatically increase toward visible light – 30GHz – 90GHz.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

This video below has been included to explain briefly about 5G, which I thought you might find interesting, however I suggest you come back to our website for the original and still the best products available for the jobs you are looking to address for your health. This is your choice of course.

That’s the technical stuff, which we need to get our head around and work on creating a safe place for our family and share it with others ….

“You’re telling me my cell phone, my laptop and my tablet… might be a health risk?” Yes we are..

Do cell phones really cause cancer?  We know of Doctors who are removing cancers they believe were caused by cell phones, even formed the shape of the phone antenna…

FACT: Regular mobile/cell phone use can increase your risk of getting a brain tumour by 40%.

Discover simple ways to treat and shield yourself from the ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) and Fields (EMFs)

  1. Wear a Tesla’s Technologies Personal Pendant.
  2. Treat your Cell/Mobile Phone with Teslas Technologies Phone Tags.
  3. Don’t sleep with your Phone, keep it well away from your head, at least an arms length.
  4. Check to make sure your bedhead is not close to the Meter Box or TV in the next room (on the other side of the wall). Shift your bed if possible.
  5. Don’t put your Phone in your Bra or Pockets, way too close to your reproductive organs.
  6. Reconnecting with Nature, a walk in the bush, relax in a garden, paddle in the ocean.
  7. Take care of yourself with more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and water.
  8. De-clutter your life and surroundings. You know what I mean, throw stuff out!
  9. Purchase a Tesla’s 5G House Kit, this will help your environment and certainly keep your vibration up.

In saying all that please be aware, keep up with the research, listen to the scientists, don’t expose yourself unnecessarily, take regular breaks. You really are responsible for You. Come back to us if you have questions. We’re here to help where we can.

We can only help so much; the rest is up to you.  

Now Take A Look At Your Easy Alternatives


An added bonus for you:

Some of the above listed, just may not be possible for you, “So what can I do?”

This is where Tesla-Energy Health and Harmony can enter your life with Tesla’s Technologies products.

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Our products are specially treated titanium, using original technology from Nikola Tesla, individually handmade, not mass-produced and perform a number of tasks;

  • Treat your body, devices, home and vehicles, changing the manmade chaotic microwave signals to coherent ones which our body can safely manage. 
  • Help bring your environment back to nature.
  • Treat your mobile/cell phone, regardless of type.  
  • Reduce headaches, heat and irritations from mobile/cell phones.
  • Reduce eyestrain and tiredness from extended computer use.
  • Treat your home if too close to interference.
  • Treat yourself if travelling and reduce jet lag.
  • Treatment plates for accelerated healing from injury.
  • Stabilize all electrical wiring and appliances in your home, apartment or workplace.
  • Treat underground water, earth energy ley lines and external interference coming into your home.

The wonderful thing is, they are all portable and will last you a lifetime… Ideal for every home including the rental home, due to being transportable, we travel with them always.

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You will find many beautiful products to calm your home and assist back to balance and health.

For those already healthy and happy, we want you to remain that way and our unique products and knowledge are here to help.

5G Large Oyster House Kit

This is the current 5G Tesla’s Technologies House Kit you will find explained on our website: www.tesla-ehh.com

Thank you for your time, I hope you have enjoyed this report and have learned enough to want to go further. If you would like to stay informed, come back to our News for new information as it comes to hand or for interesting articles or sites.

Do You Have Questions About EMR/EMF Safety Products?

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